Black Bazaar

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Buttologist has style, and bags of it - suitcases of crocodile Westons and top-of-the-range designer clothes. Resident in Paris, he is a dandy from the Bacongo district of Brazzaville - AKA a Sapper or member of the Society for Ambient People and Persons of Elegance.

Lately, he has been down on his Parisian uppers. His girlfriend, Original Colour, has run away to Congo-Brazzaville with a midget drummer known as The Hybrid, and she's taken his daughter into the bargain. His racist neighbour, Mr Hippocratic, keeps spying on him. And his drinking buddies at Jips, the Afro-Cuban bar in Les Halles, tease him about writing Black Bazaar, the diary where he catalogues his sorrows...

Alain Mabanckou's Paris is out of the ordinary, even extraordinary, but his is an ironic, humorous and deeply authentic portrait of the city.